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  Badges and Patch History  

The West Haven Police Department's Uniform shoulder patch has been through many changes since it's inception.  The shoulder patch evolved from a basic triangle design containing only the words WEST HAVEN POLICE to today's modern graphic design.  The current design contains the City Of West Haven Seal depicting one of our city residents, Thomas Painter, looking out at the British fleet in our harbor on July 5, 1779, from a lookout point on Savin Rock.  The city seal was designed in 1973 by Jerome Germain.

  patch1.jpg (28572 bytes)









WHPD shoulder patch pre-1960



  patch2.jpg (56483 bytes)  

         1960's WHPD shoulder patch. The State of
         Connecticut Seal was added to the basic


                    patch3.jpg (54711 bytes)

                The WHPD shoulder patch 1973 - 1991. The City
                of West Haven Seal replaced the State of CT Seal

                  patch4.jpg (55112 bytes)

                  The WHPD shoulder patch 1991 - 1993. The
                  City of West Haven Seal graphics were updated.

                patch5.jpg (64365 bytes)

               The WHPD shoulder patch 1993 to present time.
               The patch was totally redesigned and graphics of
               the City Seal were enhanced by Sgt Ralph Angelo.

                 Other WHPD Patches

                          patchswat.jpg (29795 bytes)

                    The West Haven Police S.W.A.T. Unit Patch

                      patchcadet.jpg (29894 bytes)

               West Haven Police Cadets Patch (Program Disbanded)

                       psopatch.jpg (149701 bytes)

                           The Public Service Officer Patch

                             WHPD Pins, etc.


                                            whbutton.jpg (4711 bytes)         

                                 WHPD Uniform Brass Button                


                                  whcollarpin.jpg (5391 bytes)

                                WHPD Uniform Collar Pin


                                   swatpin.jpg (6896 bytes)                                

                              WHPD S.W.A.T. Unit Uniform Pin

                                 mcwheel.jpg (21642 bytes)

                             Flying Wheel Uniform Pin worn by the
                                W.H.P.D.'s Motorcycle Operators

  Badge History  

 Below is a list of badges issued to members of the West Haven Police Department.


                                    ptbdg.jpg (31887 bytes)

                    Badge issued to West Haven Police Patrolmen

                                   sgtbdg.jpg (34961 bytes)

                      Badge issued to West Haven Police Sergeants

                                    ltbdg.jpg (35474 bytes)

                   Badge issued to West Haven Police Lieutenants

                                  captbdg.jpg (35500 bytes)

                      Badge issued to West Haven Police Captains


                           Patch Issued to Master Patrol Officers

                                      patchbadge.jpg (27205 bytes)           

                               Embroidered West Haven Police Badge

               patchofc.jpg (32699 bytes)           

Embroidered West Haven Police Patrolman's Badge     

                                    whjrpdbadge.jpg (29354 bytes)

                            WHPD's child giveaway toy badge


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Badge History

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