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                  Crisis Intervention Team

  The West Haven Police Department was the second city in the State of Connecticut to offer specialized support services to our citizens with disabilities.  The WHPD teamed up with Connecticut Alliance to Benefit Law Enforcement (C.A.B.L.E.) and the New London Police Department to train members of our department to better aid consumers who suffer with a mental illness.

All CIT members must successfully complete training designed to increase the awareness of the many mental illnesses and medications they may encounter in the field.  Other training includes awareness of "Suicide by Cop", suicide ideation/attempt, visual and/or auditory hallucinations, and other topics.

It is the goal of the West Haven Police Department to not only become an additional resource for agencies and health care providers that serve these consumers, but to continue to be a support system for those consumers themselves.  Through these partnerships, we are able to offer more appropriate care and referrals to proper agencies (if needed). 

When a call involving an emotionally disturbed person, person with a mental illness, or a "crisis" call is identified, a CIT member (whenever available) is dispatched.  These CIT members are identifiable by the Pathfinder pin or patch on their uniform (image shown above).

Currently, the West Haven Police Department has approximately 30 team members which cover all available shifts. 


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