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Investigative Services Division

The Investigative Services Division is responsible for the investigation of all major crimes, such as murder, robbery, rape, burglary, and serious assaults.  This division also investigated any other crimes that warrant an in-depth investigation as determined on a case by case basis.

Investigators are assigned to one of the following divisions:  General Investigations, Fraud, Special Victims Unit, DEA/SNTF Task Force, Street Crime Unit, and Identification.  The Major Crime Squad, CVSA Investigations, Computer Crime and School Resource Officers are also an integral part of the division.

The Investigative Services Division is staffed during the hours of 8 am through midnight, Monday through Friday.  The investigators are on call during off hours and called in when deemed necessary.

The Investigative Services Division is under the direction of Captain Christopher Giuliano.


Detective Supervisors in this unit are:

Det/Sgt. Walter S. Casey who is currently assigned to the Street Crimes Unit.
Det/Sgt. Ralph Angelo
Det/Sgt. Paul Raucci who is currently assigned to Special Victims Unit.


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