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  Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: Where is the West Haven Police Department located and how can I reach you?
A: We are conveniently located off of exit 42 on I-95.  Our address is 200 Sawmill Rd., West Haven, CT 06516.  Our main non-emergency telephone number is 203-937-3900.

Q: How can I obtain a copy of a police report?
A: Depending on the circumstances, police reports are generally available within 4 business days following the incident.  Police reports involving an arrested party may not be available due to court proceedings.  Police reports, when completed and available, may be obtained at the Records Division conveniently located in the lobby of Police Headquarters.

Q: Should I call the police if I am involved in a motor vehicle accident?
A: By law, you are obligated to report any motor vehicle accident that meets either of the following two guidelines:
    1) It occurred on a public highway (city street) and
    2) Damage was caused.

For example, if you bumped the back of another vehicle and there is no damage or injuries, no reportable accident has occurred.  However, in all cases we strongly recommend that you contact the police to respond and evaluate for your own protection and documentation against possible future litigation.

Q: I was involved in an accident.  How soon will I be able to obtain a copy of my accident report?
A: All accident reports are usually available within 4 business days following the accident date.  These reports are obtained from the Records Division which is located in the lobby of police headquarters.  For faster service, please have your case number, officers name and date of accident ready.

Q: I need to get fingerprints taken for a job application.  What are the details?
A: Effective 3/31/2014, the West Haven Police Department shall be using Biometric Identification Services to provide civilian fingerprinting services.  Appointments are NOT needed and Connecticut and FBI fingerprint cards WILL be provided.  The cost is $25 which is payable by either cash, money order, or bank check made payable to "Biometric Identification Services".  Credit cards and personal checks are not accepted.

            Fingerprint times are ONLY on Monday's from 3-7 PM unless state holiday or severe weather.

Q: How can I obtain a pistol permit?
A: Pistol permit applications are available at the police department.  The application lists the appropriate steps the applicant will need to follow in order to obtain a pistol permit.

Q. What are your requirements for firearms certification for retired WHPD Officers?
A. Please contact Sgt. Billy Cole at 203-937-3900 to schedule an appointment during our next qualifying date.  Sgt. Cole handles all certification requests for retired officers.  Please also check out our forms page for required forms.

Q: How can I appeal a parking ticket that I received?
A: If you wish to dispute a parking ticket, please pick up and complete the parking ticket dispute form at the police department's front desk.  You may also download the form via our forms page.  The Chief of Police, or his designee, will respond in writing addressing each appeal.

Q: How can I appeal a motor vehicle infraction that I received?
A: Payable infractions may be appealed by checking the "not guilty" box on the back of the infraction and signing your name in the space provided.  Mail the infraction back in the envelope provided.  You will be contacted by Centralized Infractions Bureau via mail with further instructions.

Q: How do I have a handicap parking sign placed in front of my residence?
A: Guidelines for a handicap parking sign are set forth by the West Haven Police Department and the West Haven Commission on Disabilities.  If these guidelines are met, you may complete and return the application to the Traffic Division of the West Haven Police Department.  Once the completed application is received, the request will be investigated and if approved, the sign will be installed.  The guidelines for the sign, and the application are available online.  To download them (Adobe PDF format), please click here.

Q: Are there any forms available that I could fill out in advance before I visit the department in person?
A: Yes.  Some police forms that we use are available online.  Please click the "Forms" link in the left hand navigation panel. These forms are in Adobe PDF format.  The free Adobe reader may be downloaded by clicking the provided link:  Get Adobe

Q. I'm a patch collector.  Will you send me a patch?
A. Sorry, but unfortunately we are not able to send patches, nor do we have a patch exchange program.

Q. Do you install child safety seats?
A. Unfortunately our child safety installation program has been temporarily postponed.  We hope to bring this program back soon, however, you may contact CT Safe Kids for your nearest installation program and time. 

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