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  Forensics Services


The Forensics Services Division is responsible for the recognition, documentation collection, and analysis of physical evidence. Two full time Identification Technicians provide the City with 24-hour emergency service.

Our technicians have extensive training and experience in crime scene investigation and have
been recognized as expert witnesses in following areas of Law Enforcement Science:

bulletballgrn.gif (326 bytes) Finger and Palm Print Analysis/Comparison

bulletballgrn.gif (326 bytes) Crime Scene Investigation Techniques

bulletballgrn.gif (326 bytes) Crime Scene Reconstruction

bulletballgrn.gif (326 bytes) Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation

This unit follows the principle that knowledge in and of itself serves no humanitarian purpose if it is not shared with those who wish to acquire it.  The ICSU works closely with the internship program of the University of New Haven. 

Through this internship, several students interested in crime scene investigation, have the opportunity to work in a specialized unit of the West Haven Police Department that is highly respected in the legal and law enforcement community.  These interns are given a hands on approach to practical techniques utilized in everyday law enforcement investigations.



Detective Tammy Murray

Detective William Oakley



Civilian Fingerprinting:

The West Haven Police Department provides fingerprinting services for West Haven residents only.  Official forms of identification verifying residence is required.


Monday & Wednesday 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Tuesday & Thursday 8:30am to 9:30am

Due to circumstances beyond our control civilian fingerprinting schedules are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.



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