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Patrol Division


The West Haven Police Department's Patrol Division (the Uniform Services Division) consists of approximately 80 sworn officers.

The WHPD maintains a minimum staffing level at all times.  The Patrol Division's work day is divided into 6 shifts which overlap to allow continuous coverage throughout the city.  During a shift there may be as many as 14 or more officers on duty, not including Detectives or other divisions.  The Patrol Division is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The City of West Haven is divided into 10 patrol areas, or beats.  These beats are staffed on all shifts by patrol units.  There are additional walking beats and "floater" units (patrol cars not assigned to a specific area) throughout the city.  In addition, patrols with special assignments (i.e. Quality of Life, CAPPS, DUI, and other directed patrols) are deployed as well.  Officers in the Patrol Division respond to calls for reports of criminal activity, apprehending criminals and wanted persons, motor vehicle accidents, as well as enforcing motor vehicle violations and performing preventative deterrent patrols.

The Patrol Division, which responds to more than 40,000 calls for service each year, is the largest division in the police department. 

During the summer of 2005, the Emergency Reporting System (ERS) integrated with the West Haven Police Department.  ERS personnel, who previously answered 911 emergency calls, now answer both 911 emergency and non-emergency calls.  These dispatchers are cross trained in call taking and dispatching of police, fire, and medical calls for service.

ERS dispatchers staff one of four identical dispatch stations (pictured left), each capable of dispatching police, fire, or medical calls.  Television monitors which are networked to security cameras positioned along the boardwalk and police headquarters, are viewed within this dispatch center.  Through these real-time images, dispatchers can monitor activity and dispatch appropriate services when needed.  In addition, equipment used to trace the location of emergency 911 calls made from cellular phones is now available.



Complimenting the Patrol Division is our K-9 unit.  The K-9's are specially trained and used in apprehension of suspects, locating missing persons, evidence recovery, and narcotics detection.

In addition, the patrol division consists of other specialized units including:  Crisis Intervention Team, Quality of Life, Bike Patrol, Emergency Response Team, Crisis Negotiators, and the Traffic Unit.

The Patrol Division is headed by Captain Christopher Giuliano.  A minimum of one Shift Lieutenant serves at the Shift Commander (also called the Commanding Officer) on each shift.  Each shift also has one Sergeant supervising the dispatch communications center and one Sergeant supervising the patrol units on the street.

The Shift Commanders for the Patrol Division are:

Lt. Joseph Wynosky who currently works the day shift.
Lt. Robert Proto who currently works the evening shift.
Lt. James Donovan who currently is assigned to accreditation and patrol functions.
Lt. Carl Flemmig who currently works the evening shift.
Lt. Sal D'Amato who currently works the midnight shift.

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