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Picture of BeachChief Ronald Quagliani, and Deputy Chief Colleen Smullen recognized a need for a comprehensive “Community Policing” strategy that would not only become the foundation for the community policing strategy of the West Haven Police Department, but would form a “Quality of Life Unit” for the entire City, designed to productively utilize all relevant resources to solve problems and improve the quality of life. This strategy was designed to raise the level of service provided by the police department, build trust in the agency, reduce crime, and build stronger neighborhoods by improving the quality of life throughout the City by engaging citizens, police, and all other governmental services in collaborative problem solving efforts.

The Quality of Life Unit responds to the daily societal issues that affect people’s day to day lives and foster crime. These types of concerns are often brought to the forefront through citizen involvement and communication with the police. This unit is dedicated to community based policing, innovative change, forming a partnership with the community and problem solving policing. Some of the most basic responsibilities of the unit are noise enforcement, motor vehicle enforcement, neighborhood problems, conflict mediation, and blight around the city.  

  One of the most common infractions issued by the Quality of Life Unit is for improper/defective mufflers.  Mufflers are designed to help a vehicle mask the noise created by the engine.  Car enthusiasts, however, will modify their mufflers in such a manner that it actually creates more noise.  While some enthusiasts claim that the modifications assist with their vehicle's performance, the noise and modifications made are illegal.  The fine for this offense is $250 and may be accompanied by a mandatory DMV inspection.  This inspection requires the operator/owner of the vehicle to make the necessary adjustments to their equipment and make it legal for operation in the State of CT.

  The summer months always attracts extra traffic to West Haven.  Whether it's our restaurants, our boardwalk, our beaches or events, tens of thousands of people visit our shoreline each summer.  We remind our motorists that West Haven does have a noise ordinance.  This ordinance includes car radios and loud mufflers.  We certainly want you to enjoy your visit to West Haven, however, we ask that you be kind to those around you.  Please keep your radio volume turned down.  A fine for a loud radio is $103 and $250 for a loud muffler.

*NOTE*  It is illegal for the operation of mini-motorcycles (sometimes called pocket-bikes) on any highway/roadway, sidewalk, or public property owned by the state.  In addition to a fine, the pocket-bike may be towed and impounded for 48 hours at the owners expense.



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