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"See Us Then..."
Photo Gallery of the West Haven PD
At 355 Main Street



     guard-5.jpg (53752 bytes)

            The West Haven Guardians of Law and Order as they appeared in 1903.

                  horse.jpg (78839 bytes)

      Officer Walter N. Scranton, the West Haven Police Department's only Mounted Police Officer.
      Officer Scranton worked the area along the Waterfront from Second Avenue to the Milford
      Town Line at Oyster River.  One of his duties was to retrieve hot-air balloons that had been
       released from the "White City" of Savin Rock from 1905 - 1910.

                        1917Parade.jpg (36296 bytes)

            Members of the West Haven Police marching in the July 4, 1917 Parade.

            52233.jpg (291596 bytes)

      (Sitting left to right) John M. Loomis ( First Police Chief) and Chief Robert French inside Police
        Station on Monday May 22, 1922.  (photo supplied by Tina & Jeff Loomis, Chester, VA)

                    stills1924.jpg (69984 bytes)

              Chief Robert French, Sgt. Gus Moore, Officer Raymond Zoller and
              Officer Lee
posing with illegal stills seized by the West Haven Police
              Department during the Prohibition in 1924.

 Officer Albert E.Withington, the West Haven Police Department's first motorcycle
 officer with his Indian Motorcycle.  Albert served as the department's motorcycle
 officer for many years until that type of patrol was replaced by the squad car. 
 Affectionately known as " Smoke ", Albert joined the department  in 1925 and
 retired as a Sergeant in 1945.   (photo supplied by Timothy J. Bennis (grandson))

                 1929Fleet2.jpg (67547 bytes)

         The West Haven Police vehicle fleet in 1929 outside City Hall.  (From right to left),
         1st Selectman Charles H. Hobro
, Police Chief Harry W. Tuttle, Ofc. Shine,
          and 3 unidentified Officers.

                                zoller.jpg (15358 bytes)

        Officer Raymond Zoller was killed in the line of duty on December
        28, 1929.  Officer Zoller was fatally wounded by a shotgun blast fired from
        inside of a house being raided as a location where liquor was being illegally
       distilled.  He died in a squad car while being driven to the hospital by fellow officers.

          49crash.jpg (143648 bytes)
                   Detective Joe Harvey at a motor vehicle crash scene in 1949.
                                                      (photo supplied by ret/Ofc.  D. Harvey)

              Officer Daniel Casman at the "Rock". Officer Casman's son - Steve
              and grandson - Craig  followed in his footsteps and joined the department.    
                                                                (photo supplied by Officer Craig Casman)

      class51.jpg (111292 bytes)   
                                             West Haven Police Class 1951
                                                  (photo supplied by ret/Ofc.  D. Harvey)

       class52.jpg (86178 bytes)            
                                  West Haven Police Class 1952        
                                       (photo supplied by ret/Ofc D. Harvey)

             HarvFagaro.jpg (71382 bytes)

            (From left) Detectives Joe Harvey and Joe Figaro inspecting an illegal still
            seized from a raid in West Haven.          

             Rollcall 1955.jpg (28616 bytes)

                                   Patrol Division Rollcall in 1955
                                           (photo supplied by Glassworks of West Haven)

1957pd.jpg (82096 bytes)

                Members of the West Haven Police Department in 1957.
                                                 (photo supplied by ret/Sgt Irwin Tulchin)

              RevTeamGroup.jpg (409504 bytes)

            Members of the West Haven Police Department's Pistol Team being
            presented medals by Chief John Monahan in 1958.  Left to right,
            James Minuit, Irwin Tulchin, Michael Caporale, Chief Monahan,
            Lewis Burgess, Frederick Bruch and Lt. Thomas Paterson.
                                         (photo supplied by ret/Sgt Irwin Tulchin)


                           West Haven Police Department Ball Committee - 1958

           (left to right) Officer Ernest Rennie, Officer Christopher Stratton, 
           Det. Joseph Figaro, Officer Hank Carney, Sgt. Salvatore Malinconico,
           Officer Edward Cannellie and Officer Augie Scalese.

                    swilson.jpg (27779 bytes)
Detective Captain Stephen E. Wilson was a 35 year member of
the West Haven Police Department when he died while responding on
foot to a bank alarm at the New Haven Savings Bank on Main Street.
On the morning of December 9, 1959 at 0844 hrs., Det. Capt. Wilson was
running with fellow officers to the bank alarm when he collapsed from an
apparent heart attack across the street from the bank. Det. Capt.Wilson was
pronounced dead on arrival at St. Raphael's Hospital. It was later learned that
the bank alarm turned out to be accidentally set off by an employee.

            Feb64Pistol.jpg (122253 bytes)

               Irwin Tulchin and Nick Rapetske the top shooters for the
               West Haven Police Department Pistol Team displaying their
               shooting styles on the police range in 1964.
                                   (photo supplied by ret/Sgt Irwin Tulchin)

                 FitchLouis.jpg (31194 bytes)

     Officer George Fitch (left) with Heavyweight Boxing Champion Joe Louis.
                                      (photo supplied by ret/Det James Tucker)


       Ed Carney Sr. driving a police vehicle in a Parade in front
       of the A & P Market on Campbell Avenue.
                                  (photo supplied by Ed Carney Jr.)

      CarneySavin Rock.jpg (57618 bytes)

Officer Edward J. Carney
at a Savin Rock game
 of chance stand.
                 (photo supplied by Ed Carney Jr.)

        harveys.jpg (70672 bytes)
       Proud Father and Son, Chief Joe Harvey at Ofc. Dan Harvey's
       swearing in ceremony in 1965
                                                (photo supplied by ret/Ofc. D. Harvey)

               Riot Gear 1966.jpg (39512 bytes)

                  Officers displaying the newly purchased riot gear in 1966.

        com32767.jpg (77184 bytes)       

       West Haven Police Officers receiving commendations on March 27, 1967.
(Shown standing left to right
) Officers Ralph Puglia, James Tucker, Chief Michael Onofrio,
       City of West Haven Mayor Alexander Zarnowski. (sitting left to right) Officers Ernest
, Henry Carney, George Griem, Donald DeGrasse and Police Commissioner
       Alex Botte
                                                 (photo supplied by ret/Det. James Tucker)

                  tick68.jpg (56381 bytes)

                      West Haven Police Auxiliary Theatre Show Ticket 1968
                                               (Ticket supplied by K. Vecellio)


      Officer Ed Carney Sr. questioning a "runaway" his Granddaughter
       Kathy Carney - 14 months old in July 1968.
                                         (photo supplied by Ed Carney Jr.)

     WHPD DRILL TEAM 1968.jpg (869843 bytes)

West Haven Police Department Drill Team in 1968.  (Standing in front) Chief Michael
, (first row) William Dorgan, William Maloney, Henry Carney and Ed
(second row) Robert Weber, Alfred Nardi, Herbert Reed and James
(third row) Francis Dahlmeyer, Paul Fritz, Daniel Harvey and Salvatore
(last row) Edward Allen, Joseph Conzo and Edward Connelly.
                    (photo supplied by Ed Carney Jr.)

                   1969ballcomm.jpg (109596 bytes)











Members of the May 3, 1969 Policeman's Ball committee. (Standing left to right ) Sgt Jerry Biondi,
Officer Edward Connelly, Sgt. Joseph Conzo, Det/Sgt. George Hawley, Det. Angelo
i, Officer Francis Dahlmeyer, Sgt. John Slater and Officer James Tucker.
 (Sitting left to right) Assistant Chief Joseph Harvey, Officer Donald Ianuzzi, Deputy Inspector
 Sal Malinconico and Officer Al Nardi.
                                                            (photo supplied by ret/Det James Tucker)

          promo769.jpg (229370 bytes)

Copy of a newspaper article dated July 2, 1969 announcing West Haven Police Department promotions
and new Hirings.
                                                     (article supplied by ret/Chief John Maiorano)

     xmas.jpeg (114786 bytes)  

  First West Haven Police Department's Santa / School Visit in December 1969.
  (Police left to right) Det. Sal Marino, Officer Dan Harvey, Chief Joe Harvey,
  Deputy Inspector Sal Malinconio and Santa-Officer Robert Weber.
                                           (photo supplied by ret/Ofc. D. Harvey)

 (Left to Right) Linda Finn, Ed Carney Sr. trying on a new bulletproof vest, Mary Ann Durso
 and Chief Joe Harvey
(photo supplied by Ed Carney Jr.)

                 unioncontr.jpg (48794 bytes)

                  First Police Union Local 895 contract signing July 1, 1971.

(Left to right
Alex Botte, Chairman of Police Commission,  Ptlm. James Cimmino,
        Union President, Ptlm. Edward Connelly, Union Vice President,
                  (standing); Sgt. Michael D'Errico, Ptlm. Robert Weber Jr., members
                 of the negotiating team.

              pba1971.jpg (89751 bytes)

     Police Benevolent Association members map plans for Policeman's Ball for May 1 1971.

           (Standing left to right)   Sgt. John Slater, Officers Robert Weber, Matthew Carrano, Allan
         Friedman, Edward Connolly. (Sitting left to right)  Det. James Tucker, Chief Joseph Harvey,
         Officers William Dorgan, and Alfred Nardi.
                                                        (photo supplied by ret/Det. James Tucker)

             oopsal.jpg (84045 bytes)

                             A West Haven Police Officer and his cruiser meets Mother Nature in 1971.
                                             (photo supplied by ret/Det James Tucker)

               HarvBeatrice.jpg (62839 bytes)

      Chief Harvey, First West Haven Policewoman Beatrice Ferrucci and
     retired Det. Harold Torello.
(photo supplied by ret/Ofc. D. Harvey)


(Left to Right) Officers Jimmy Sansone, Craig Whelen, Sal Carrano, Dave Ricci, Charlie Beurer, and Ed Connelly
in 1975 standing in the driveway of the old police headquarters at 355 Main St.
                                     (photo supplied by Captain Charles Beurer)

      memorial76.jpg (54487 bytes)

                                                 Memorial Day parade in 1976.
 (Left to right); Officer D. Hewston, James DiBiaso (owner of the Ford Model A), ret/Officer R. Treat,
ret/Officer R. Rabbito
, ret/Det. Sgt. S. Marino, ret/Officer H. Reed and (kneeling) ret/Det. D. Dymarcik.    

                          angels.jpg (150468 bytes)
                                               Chief Joe Harvey' s
Angels in 1977
                                                                      (photo supplied by J. Morrisette)

                 1978auxp.jpg (49052 bytes)

                    Police Chief Joseph W. Harvey (seated center) with Inspector Peter Longo
posing with the West Haven Auxiliary Police (PSO) in 1978.

                  auxkelly.jpg (147589 bytes)

               Auxiliary Police Capt. Arnold Hewston swearing in Rev. Tierney as chaplain.
               Police Chief Malinconico and Lt. Michael Kelly looks on.

Police Commissioner Louis Donofrio, Officer Steve Casman, Chief Malinconico
and Police Commissioner Morty Hecht.
(photo supplied by Officer Craig Casman)


             Brothers - Salvatore Carrano and Matthew Carrano

Officer Matthew Carrano
standing guard outside of a Homicide Scene on Knox Street on January 2, 1982

               swat183.jpg (77939 bytes)
                    Members of the West Haven Police Department S.W.A.T. Unit in 1983
                                                            (photo supplied by ret/Chief John Maiorano)

                standoff83.jpg (136259 bytes)

                            Photos from a barricaded gunman incident on Richard Street in 1983.
                                                              (photo supplied by ret/Chief John Maiorano)

                            swatgas.jpg (37559 bytes)


            West Haven Police S.W.A.T. Unit during a gas exercise in 1983.

                     1984KRally.jpg (47250 bytes)

                    West Haven Police members mobilizing for the KKK rally on 4/28/84.

                     rabbito.jpg (53263 bytes)
Retired Sgt Richard Rabbito with his newly purchased (at the time) 1985 Harley Davidson motorcycle.  
Sgt. Rabbito was assigned to the Traffic Division and was the department's expert draftsman.  If you look closely you will see a radar unit attached to the front fairing of his motorcycle. This motorcycle is still in service as a spare today.

                          colopol1.jpg (59446 bytes)

                        Collage of West Haven Police personnel past and present, composed for
                        50th West Haven Policeman's Ball, May 24, 1986.

                jailbail80s.jpg (100486 bytes)

                 Deputy Chief George Greim being "arrested" for the Jail for Bail Charity
                 by Det. David Burke and Det. Paul Raucci.

             emer95.jpg (148397 bytes)    

     West Haven Police Department's Emerald Society Marching Unit in 1995
     St. Patrick's Day Parade.        

                     1995SpOlym.jpg (34658 bytes)

                                                     Special Olympics 1995
(left to right), Ast. Chief Innamorato, Silver Medallist Nick Pergolotti., Mayor H. Richard Borer,
Thomas Hamilton, Ast. Chief Kniehl, Doug Cutler and Police Chief Michael Kelly

                        1bikepat.jpg (37872 bytes)

      First members of the West Haven Police Department Bicycle Unit  posing with other trainees in 1996. (in order starting 3rd from left) Ofc. Sal D'Amato, Sgt. Lorie Tamaro and Ret. Ofc. Patty Whelan.

                          1997swat.jpg (42859 bytes)                           

                       Members of the West Haven Police Department's S.W.A.T. Unit in 1995.

                          vinsarg.jpg (26424 bytes)

              Officer Vincent Costanzo and ret. K-9 Sabian instructing Officers S. Ardito
and S. McNeil.

         ret2000.jpg (140067 bytes)

                   Retired members of the West Haven Police Department at a luncheon in 2000.  

                    P32Parrot.jpg (51281 bytes)

           Officer David Hewston utilizing his laser unit on Ocean Avenue assisted by a
                                   "Speed Enforcement Chase Parrot" in 2000.                                                 

Members of the original bike patrol - Officer Eric Pimer and Officer Sal D'Amato

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