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One may think that once a Police Officer graduates from the Police Academy, they are no longer required to go
through any other training.  In fact, an officer must successfully complete a number of classes to keep their certification
valid (as determined by the Police Officers Standards and Training Council.)

The Training Division of the West Haven Police Department oversees this task by scheduling these classes for each officer.  In addition, they monitor each officer's certification, to make sure they receive the proper amount of training. 

Classes that an officer may attend include: Advanced DUI Detection, Arrest and Control, Interview/Interrogation Techniques, Date Rape Investigations, and many more.  In addition to these classes are yearly legal updates involving domestic violence and other changes of law, as well as various in-service training which typically involves firearms, baton, and arrest procedures.

The Training Division is also responsible for the recruitment of new officers and conducting their background investigations and employment process.  Once an applicant is hired, the Training Division will monitor their success while at the police academy.  Once the "recruit" completes the police academy, the Training Division will assign the recruit to a Field Training Officer (FTO) to complete the recruit's training before the recruit is released to the Patrol Division.


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