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  West Haven Police Vehicles  


1929Fleet.jpg (65654 bytes)

The Police Fleet in 1929. The three Patrol vehicles were
1927-28 Ford Model A's.


54-55 PD car.jpg (29702 bytes)

1954 - 55 Ford Customline assigned to the Patrol Division
(photo supplied by Glassworks of West Haven)


1966 Jeep.jpg (49500 bytes)

The newly purchased 1966 Jeep assigned to the Beach Patrol.
This vehicle was utilized to patrol the beach area of town during
the summer time and assist the Patrol Division during the winter.
(photo supplied by Sgt. Anderson)


88pdtrfcar.jpg (32722 bytes)

1988 Ford Crown Victoria assigned to the Traffic Division from 1988 - 1991


93pdcar.jpg (29537 bytes)

1993 Ford Crown Victoria assigned to the Patrol Division in 1993 - 1994


car33.JPG (65484 bytes)

1996 Ford Crown Victoria assigned to the Traffic Division


car42.JPG (69811 bytes)

1999 Ford Crown Victoria assigned to the Patrol Division

2005 Ford Crown Victoria assigned to the Patrol Division

2007 Ford Crown Victoria currently in use today by the Patrol Division
(patrol vehicles now switched to classic black and white design)

Other Police Vehicles

85Harley1.jpg (65115 bytes)

1985 Harley Davidson motorcycle assigned to the Traffic Division

97harley.jpg (77357 bytes)

1997 Harley Davidson motorcycle assigned to the Traffic Division


trk31.jpg (39939 bytes)

1985 Chevrolet Blazer 4 x 4 utilized by the Traffic Division's Major Accident
 Unit.   This vehicle is equipped with investigative tools for investigating serious
motor vehicle accidents.  It was obtained thru the US Government's DRMO
program and reconditioned for Police use. 


swattrk.jpg (36564 bytes)

1984 Ford Box Van utilized by the SWAT Unit.  This vehicle was
donated by AMR (American Medical Response) of New Haven, CT
and reconditioned for the SWAT Unit.

Officer Jim Villano, July 1989 patrolling the Oak Street Bike Path
as part of the first West Haven Police Beach Patrol.


v150.jpg (105305 bytes)

1990 Cadillac Gage V150 Police Rescue Vehicle.   This vehicle was obtained
by the WHPD through the U.S. government's DRMO program and reconditioned
through a Dept. of Justice grant for police use.  The vehicle was assigned to the
SWAT Unit as a rescue and emergency civilian evacuation vehicle.  Due to the
mechanical repairs necessary to maintain the vehicle, it is no longer in

The vehicle, which is amphibious, offers hard cover and ballistic protection to it's
occupants.  The vehicle's interior allows for 2 crew members and up to 12
seated passengers or 3 stretchers.  The V150 is available as a shared resource
to area law enforcement and public safety agencies.  The V150 is 1 of 4
such vehicles statewide in police inventory. 


                                     jetskis.jpg (56647 bytes) 

                       Two Sea-Doo jet skis obtained via the Drug Enforcement Forfeiture Program.
jet skis are utilized along the shores of West Haven during the summer
                       months to assist the Patrol Division. (pictured left to right Officer William Cole and Officer Steve Ardito)


The 25 foot Sea Ark Patrol Rescue Boat was obtained through a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Grant.  The Harbor Patrol Boat for proactive patrol and enforcement along our shoreline, which is one of the largest public shorelines in the state.

This LDV Mobile Command Center was purchased with seized drug money and is currently being used as a state of the art command post for the West Haven Police Department.  The Mobile Command Center will be utilized as a base of operations in major incidents, an emergency operations center, and as a mobile police substation enabling it to be deployed in our neighborhoods.

This 2000 Ford Econoline E250 Van was surrendered to the West Haven Police Department
following a fraud investigation.  The van was retrofitted to be used as a prisoner conveyance vehicle and added to
the fleet in the Spring of 2009.

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